The Broadband Connection You Deserve! You deserve the Best Internet Experience in the
Galaxy and we want to give it to you!

Supercharged Now!

Extensive‑ Network

We've built a solid Broadband Network, especially for you. We now have more control over every aspect of your experience. This means we're able to offer you better products, better one‑on‑one support and, most importantly, better connectivity.


More Data, For Less

All our Capped Wireless packages have been updated to give you even more data for less! Starting from less than $1 per GB, you'll be hard‑pressed to find a better deal elsewhere. New uncapped packages have also been introduced.


Free After‑Hours Data

The Awesomeness doesn't stop there – now we offer FREE and UNLIMITED internet usage After‑Hours on Capped packages
between 8pm and 6am Every Day!


Updated Packages

Take a look at some of our NEW Wirelsss Packages.
We have packages to cater for everyone's needs and wallet size.

Adjust the slider below to see more packages.

After Hours Data will only be available to active Capped clients who have a positive data balance. For example, if you have
no available data (monthly allocation or top‑up data) or your account has been Suspended or Paused, you will NOT receive free After‑Hours data.

Psssst! We have more packages at different intervals if these don't suit your needs, have a look over here »


A quick guide
to Broadband

Not quite sure what Wireless Broadband is all about?
Follow these 4 easy steps, or simply watch the video below.

Choosee on Package
Enable Broadband Service
Get Installed
Enjy Supercharged Access!

Choose a Package

First, you'll need to decide if you require Wireless, Fixed Mobile LTE or Mobile 4G LTE.
Already got Decided? Great! If you have not call our sales team to decide on the best options for you.

Enable Your Service

Once you have decided, step into one of our stores or resellers to signup for your required package. 4G LTE SIM's are avaiable from Sahal Stores and resellers however for Wireless signup please visit our stores.

Get Installed

Next, our awesome technical team will visit your site and peform a quick installion and setup of your network.

Enjoy Supercharged Access!

Enjoy your supercharged broadband and upgrade and downgrade to any of our
awesome packages to cater for everyone's needs and wallet size.

or watch the video

What our
clients have
to say

  • Sahal I don't know how you do it but the speeds are excellent! Keep up the outstanding work!

    Mahad | 27 Nov 2015

  • Your picing is great, and speeds are excellent, but what really sets the Sahal team apart is the Customer Support. Your technicians are friendly and helpful, and are exceptionally hard working.

    Abdulqadir | 09 Apr 2014